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The Next Generation of Interstate Highway Advertising

Our solution creates an extremely cost-effective and unique way for your business to reach out and connect with millions of travelers daily who are literally “on the road looking for you”, many of which are looking for a place to stay, dine, fill-up, shop, visit, and need details about your business.

With many travelers unaware of what is in the “Exit Fog” , they decide where to stop based on what they can see as they approach an exit. It has been very costly and ineffective for businesses that are “down the road” or in the " exit fog ” to reach the abundant Interstate traffic that is looking for them every day…..UNTIL NOW.

The Mobile Highway Guide will allow most of the traffic to find YOUR BUSINESS along the highway BEFORE they approach your exit.

They even have the capability to browse your accurate updated information miles ahead from the comfort of their vehicles where they could book a room, browse your menu, check out your promotions, AND obtain directions on how to find you, all from their mobile phones. Our easy to use webapp has created a “even playing field” for all businesses that cater to travelers and truckers regardless of location along the highways.

The Details

Mobile phone technology is THE future technology, with explosive potential for advertising and information gathering.
There are over 1.5 Billion mobile phone users in the world today and that number is estimated to grow to 2 Billion very soon.

Researchers at IDC state that approximately 1.3 billion people accessed the internet through mobile devices in 2008.

The problem has always been, ‘How do we get our information in the hands of those potential customers’?

We have an awesome solution!

Better than a GPS for finding your business on the interstate, is our new, innovative, accurate, Dot mobi (.mobi) based cell phone, Interstate Highway Road Guide.
Better for your business because now you can now reach most of the 1.5 billion cell phones in the world. Compare that with a few million smart-phones or a few million GPS’s and you can see why this can be an advantage in your Interstate Highway business marketing plans.

With and a mobile phone, a road traveler can easily see and access what services are on the road exits ahead. They will have free easy access to find Restaurants, Lodging, RV / Campgrounds, Fuel Services, Repair Services, Shopping, Tourist Attractions, Rest Areas, and more. All in a easy to use mobile phone interface.

Our research has shown that this sort of information is needed and highly desired by the road traveling public. This information appeals to Truck Drivers, RVer’s, Campers, Business Travelers, Family’s on vacation and Motorcycle Travelers to name a few. Anyone who is on the road and has a mobile phone with internet access is your potential customer.

The mobile road portal has the potential to reach many of the 1.5 Billion mobile phone users in the world. This means that not only US travelers can find your services on the road but foreign travelers visiting the USA as well. The are approximately 20 million foreign visitors in the US a year.
FACT: FHA Travel Monitoring estimates 256.7 Billion Travel Miles in June 2009. Click here for statistics.
Think of it as your mobile billboard at the road traveler’s fingertips, only much better.
Better because it provides much more information and convenience for your customer. Better for your business because you gain flexibility, accuracy and more control of your marketing to the traveler and is very inexpensive for your budget!

Is your business missing out on this marketing opportunity?

Click Here to Sign Up We are now accepting new advertisers! is a innovative and powerful way to advertise your road exit business locations to the millions of road travelers that now pass your business by.

Please allow us to tell you why we know our system is good for your bottom line.

Why Dot mobi?

Dot mobi (.mobi) is the top level domain used for mobile phone web based sites that tells the user a site is designed to the standards for mobile phones.
Simply stated, it means that the .mobi site your mobile phone is accessing should be truly mobile phone compatible. has been designed from the ground up to be compatible with most mobile phones and to be more universally compatible. Even previous generation phones on the EDGE network. Meaning you don’t necessarily need a 3G phone or an IPhone to access our application, allowing to reach most of the 1.5 billion phones in use today.

The top 20 reasons why is as good as or better than the advertising you are using now ...

1.) 1.5 Billion mobile phones and growing to 2 Billion within the next year or so.
More people use cell phones than computers. Your company’s information - GPS owners access - 8 million. cell phone owners access 1.3 Billion.
We can probably stop here, but here are a few more good reasons than the 1.3 Billion.
Question: How many people do you know without a cell phone?

2.) Mobile phone information use is VIRAL - Tech Definition - of or involving the rapid spread of information about a product or service by viral marketing techniques.
Be where the customer will be looking. Our categories locate Fuel Services - Restaurants - Lodgings - Campgrounds / RV Parks - Tourist Attractions - Food / Fuel Stops - Antique Shops - Shopping - Motor Services - Rest Areas.
Where would you be looking for services if you were on the road?

3.) Our market research has shown that there is a phenomenal need for this type of information to the Interstate Highway road traveler.

Better than Billboards

4.) Reach more people 24 / 7
Most billboards are only seen 12 hours a day. During the daylight! reaches more Interstate travelers daytime and
Are you paying for 12 hours of billboard advertising your not using?

5.) Inexpensive -
Our Basic listing is FREE but even our Premium Package is much less expensive than billboard advertising or print advertising with much further reach. Your advertising budget goes further.

6.) is able to contain more information about your business service. Billboards are limited in content and face time (on average 4-7 seconds of viewing time)
You can finally communicate with your customers - without spam or push marketing. The system is also capable of showing your Brand Logo and tag line to your customers in your listing.

Specials - Promotions - Daily Specials - Managers Discounts - Pet friendly - Free breakfast - Card member points - AARP - ASE Certified Mechanics - Discount Attraction Tickets - Sale Items - Gift Shop ... let the traveler know why your services are special and attractive. Restaurants can change their specials daily if need be. Hotels - extra rooms? Lower your prices on the fly to grab those weary but cost conscious travelers.

7.) The More Info area - lets you put in all that good ad copy that you can’t fit on a billboard.
It’s like having your billboard and ad coupon in the hands of almost every interstate highway traveller.
Only much better.
8.) More flexible - New secure innovative technology
The Premium Package can be updated as often as you like or need to - ask your billboard advertiser if you can change your billboard ad everyday for the same price.
Simply and easily accomplished with

9.) Customize your information on the fly! - any time you like
Cutting edge technology - 21st Century advertising system. Be first over your competition with this new marketing innovation for the 21st century. Many GPS systems have outdated information and depend on the consumer to purchase and upload expensive updates which is only accomplished with a fraction of the owners. With our Premium Package give your customers FRESH information daily about your business.

10.) Billboard Advertising is scarce, expensive and becoming extinct due to environmental laws and extensive permitting. is plentiful, what the consumer is looking at, inexpensive and Green.

11.) Brand New Technology - Nothing else out there like this - Our specialized system is Copyrighted and has a Patent Pending.

Print Advertising / Coupon Advertising

12.) Print advertising is a 3 step process - first customers must be looking for your service - next you must somehow get the ad book into the hands of the target customer - then finally you must present the potential customer with your pre-determined information. eliminates 2 steps from that process - step one eliminated - travelers already need to find services on the road and are already looking for your service.

Step two eliminated - the customer already has a cell phone which means they have your ad with them and can find your service with

With the potential customer already has your ad in their hand and is already looking for you - all they need is the information about your business to present to them.

13.) Short Reach - Limited Market - Local print advertising is a short reach solution. With a traveler can find you from hundreds of miles away. Those customers can now be potentially reached by you and that missing revenue can return or be added to your business.

14.) Longer lead times - print advertising takes time and much pre-determination, and time is money. Your premium ad listing is available for change at your business's convenience and situation.

15.) Combined Marketing - if something is working well for your business, make it better. is so inexpensive that you can integrate our advertising into your marketing plan and improve what you already have.

16.) Coupon Advertising - Easily place your coupon into your ad just by adding a promotion or mention this ad tag line, for example “Say you found us on and receive 10% off “ statement in your listing.
Easily test different marketing strategies as often as you wish. The Premium Plan can be updated as often as you need for the length of your subscription. Test the best combination of pricing and seasonal timing. Change night time rates “on the fly “.

17.) Co-promotional - with the Premium Package we will send you a “ Find us on “ sticker for your window or door so your customers can find you again and again.

18.) 50% off - We are running a limited special of 50% off the yearly subscription for the Premium plan. This is a limited time offer so call us now before this offer ends.

19.) FREE Listing - List for free to our Basic Plan listing, we will list your road exit business locations FREE with a limited listing. Your business locations can benefit from the system right away. SIGNUP HERE. It’s a great way to get your business on the system and watch your sales grow!
You have nothing to lose and much more to gain! (restrictions apply)

20.) We want to be your partner in helping you grow your business - our business is grounded in high level business fundamentals, such as business integrity, service that exceeds expectations, knowing that the customer is the VIP, and helping our customers grow their business can only bring win-win results. It’s our business philosophy.

The application is professionally designed and developed from the ground up to work with most mobile phone devices with Internet access.
Not just IPhone’s or 3G capable phones. is hosted using one of the most professional, reliable and secure hosting companies in the country.
This means is fast, reliable, and very mobile savvy!
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We can go on and on but I imagine you get the point by now. We are sure that you can see the benefits to using a system like this to enhance or refresh your advertising and marketing plans now and in the future.
Thank you for your interest!

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