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Note: Your Business should be within 3 miles of a Interstate Highway Exit and relevant to highway traveling.
(Fuel Services - Restaurants - Lodging - Campground/RV Parks - Shopping - Antique Shops - Motorcycle Services - Tow & Repair - Truck Stops - Attractions)

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Just fill out this online form to tell travelers about your Interstate Highway business and we will place your Basic Ad Listing on our Mobile Highway Guide for free.*
*(some restrictions apply - The Basic listing to our guide is free and displays the Name of business, Exit and Mile Marker location, Directions from highway, Hours of operation, Business phone number, and information about your services )
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Business Name - Enter the business name you want to advertise

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Highway number - Enter the highway number the business is off of (number only)

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Direction 1 - Enter the first direction of the highway your customer can access your business from (North,South,East,West)

North South East West
Direction 2 - Enter the second direction of the highway the traveler can access your business from (North,South,East,West) Note: If only one highway access direction is available just repeat the direction from direction 1 (north, north etc.)

Exit Number - Enter the highway exit number the traveler should get off of to find your business. If your business is in the Florida Keys just input whether you are gulf side or bay side.

Mile Marker Number - In most States the EXIT and MILE MARKER are the SAME - EXCEPT Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Enter the nearest mile marker or mile post the exit ramp is near (best to use the mile marker that is on or before the exit)

Distance from exit - Enter the approximate distance and precise directions to your business from the exit (example: .5 miles north on state road 320 make right turn at clock tower)

Hours of operation - Enter your business hours of operation (example 8am to 5pm M-F or open 24 hrs 7 days a week)

Info - Optional: Add your tag line or brief information about your business. Please limit your input to 25 words or less.

Fuel Services Restaurants Lodgings Campgrounds/RV Parks Events/Attractions Rest Areas Food/Fuel Stop Antique Shops Shopping Motorcycle Services Tow and Repair Services Truck Stops
Business category - Select the business category which best describes your business or services.

Business contact - Enter a business contact name

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Contact Phone Number - Private - For File Purposes. Your contact phone may be different than your restaurant phone.

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